Research trip Moscow-Kazan 28 October - 6 November by Silvia Serrano

The fieldwork for Cascade was conducted in the wake of a round table on “Christians and Muslims, a comparison France/Russia”, organised and funded by INALCO and CEFR in Moscow and Kazan, where Silvia Serrano presented a paper on how framing “radicalisation” influences anti-radicalisation policies, in France and Russia.

The fieldwork was conducted in Moscow and Kazan. It aimed at collecting information about social or benevolence activities of the Muslim communities in the various regions of the Russian Federation, with a comparison between the North Caucasus, Moscow and Tatarstan. It aimed also at understanding the links between social activists from the North Caucasus and Tatarstan.

It has consisted of :

– in-depth interviews with experts and with imams involved in benevolence activities (including from Dagestan),

– visiting a rehabilitation center established in the mosque Yardem, with patients from the North Caucasus (Chechnya),

– visiting mosques in Kazan,

– participant observation of a seminar about financing and organising aspects of benevolence, for imams coming from all over the Russian Federation.

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