WP7: Conflict, Violence and Peace-building


  • To identify the patterns, sources and dynamics of armed conflict in the Caucasus region and to identify likely future conflict trends;
  • To provide detailed analysis of the set of on-going protracted conflicts in the region and to map emerging hot spots across the region;
  • To map and understand the interrelationship between different conflict complexes in the region, including the intersection of conflict in the North and South Caucasus;
  • To understand how the policies of states (regional and international powers) shape patterns of peace and violent instability across the region;
  • To map the conflict prevention, mediation and termination initiatives across the region and provide an assessment of their effectiveness, notably in light of emerging conflict trends;
  • To identify peace-building activities across the region;
  • To engage EU and Caucasian policy-makers and experts in a dialogue on the region’s conflicts.

Photo credit (c) Rémi Jacob